Information Packet for Creeksong Cabin


Welcome to Creeksong Cabin! We are glad you could make it and we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay. Please read through this manual as it has some helpful information about the cabin and the surrounding area. If you have any questions you may contact us directly:

Management Team:
Valerie 720-202-4432 

Scott Emerson 512-587-3178


191 Franklin Branch Road, Topton, NC 28781

NOTE: Some GPS systems have trouble identifying "Franklin Branch" Road. Instead it may be identified as "Franklin Road". In either case, this is the road on which the cabin is located. (See "DIRECTIONS" below for a screen shot of the map.)


  1. Please be respectful to our neighbors and their private property! All of the neighboring cabins and land are privately owned and are off limits. Please see the map provided in the binder in the cabin for all of the areas you are welcome to walk and explore.
  2. No Smoking inside cabin.
  3. Please do not flush feminine products, disposable wipes, or cooking grease down the drain. These items WILL cause the septic system to backup or fail.
  4. Please do not leave trash bags outside (see section below on trash & recycling)
  5. Please do not use firearms or fireworks on the property.
  6. Never leave windows or doors open for ANY amount of time. We do not want bugs, snakes, or mice entering the cabin.
  7. Please do not litter including cigarette butts.
  8. Please be safe and responsible when using fireplace, hot tub, grill, stove, fire pit, etc.
  9. Please do not remove anything from the property (cabin decor, river rock, etc)
  10. Please do not carve into trees or permanently deface anything on the property.
  11. Please do not kill any live trees or cut any live limbs to use in fire pit. You may use any DEAD wood found on property if available.
  12. Please do not use knives directly on countertop. Cutting board is available.


  1. There is a smoke detector in the kitchen and bedroom, please do not alter or disable them. If they are "chirping" or "beeping" intermittently, they may need batteries which are located in one of the kitchen drawers.
  2. There is a fire extinguisher in the cabinet below the sink in case of emergency.
  3. Please check with a medical professional before using the hot tub if you are pregnant or have any other medical condition. The use of drugs or alcohol in or around the hot tub is dangerous and could lead to drowning or death.
  4. Be aware that during certain times of the year, the road and steps leading to the cabin may be slippery.
  5. Be cautious when using the fire pit and charcoal grill. Never dump hot coals or ash in the woods. Familiarize yourself with basic fire and prevention and safety.
  6. Do not feed any bears or other wildlife.
  7. Be aware that during summer months, snakes may be active in this area.
  8. Don't put any metal items in microwave, including aluminum foil, silverware, etc.



We recommend guests arriving before dark to ensure you are able to easily locate the cabin.

Security Gate & Lockbox Codes: The security gate code & cabin lockbox code will be sent via email to you 10 days in advance of your arrival. If you don't see that email in your INBOX please check your JUNK or SPAM folders.

Upon Arrival

Complete an inspection of the property upon arrival and immediately report anything broken or damaged. If damage is discovered after checkout that was not initially reported, you may be held responsible.

Feel free to set thermostat to a comfortable setting.


The network name & password are printed on the sticker on the back of the modem. It is also documented in the manual/binder in the cabin. Please use that information to connect to the Internet during your stay.


The cabin has many start-up supplies so you can start your vacation (trash bags, a starter roll of paper towels & toilet paper, dishwasher pods, etc). However, you will likely need to supplement with your own during your stay. For convenience you should plan on bringing your groceries and supplies with you as the closet grocery store is 11 miles away in Bryson City: Nantahala Food Mart, 12121 W. Hwy 19, Bryson City, NC 28713.

Guests must provide their own charcoal/firewood for the grill or fire pit. You can buy firewood at Ingles Market (see "Local Suggestions" in this packet for addresses.)

We appreciate that our guests take good care of the home we have set up, and we do ask that you use only what you need during your stay.


For TV viewing you can access Sling TV and Netflix through the TV Apps Movies can be seen on the DVD Player. If you log into your streaming accounts on the Sling TV please do not forget to log off again before you check out. The owner of this property cannot be held responsible/liable if your information is shared on this system or if others access your account because you failed to log off of your accounts.

We are not responsible for acts of nature that might interfere with the Internet service.

Because the cabin is located in the mountains sometimes internet can be spotty or possibly nonexistent from time to time.

To reset the modem simply unplug it from the wall in the bedroom, wait 5 minutes and plug it back in. Also shut down and restart any electronics you may have (phones, computers, etc). Also phone reception can be spotty at times or you might have to stand in a particular part of the cabin, (near the island, etc).

There is no landline.


The fire pit and park-style charcoal grill are provided for your enjoyment. However, please use caution and common sense when using these amenities. 


The hot tub is on a regular maintenance schedule to be drained & sanitized. 

 While the hot tub is on a schedule for a complete drain, after every guest stay the hot tub is sanitized, the water is topped off and the chemicals are replenished so that it will be ready for use for the next guest's stay.

 Depending on how soon the next guest checks in (such as later the same day for example) the water may not be completely clear because the chemicals have not had enough time to do their job. However, it is still safe to use. Be aware that ANY additional water, whether from the topping off or a full drain, will cool the water temperature for a few hours to 24 hours respectively until it has time to reheat.

It is advised that guests remove all  jewelry before entering the hot tub to avoid any damage to the metals from the hot tub chemicals. 

FYI, if a guest does not follow the posted hot tub rules and abuses the use of the hot tub so that a complete drain is necessary beyond the regular maintenance schedule, a $150 fee will be charged to that guest to pay for the additional maintenance required. So if the condition of the hot tub is such that a complete drain is necessary, it is most certainly done.

Full Hot Tub Rules & Instructions are posted in the cabin. It is very important that guests read and follow those instructions. Failure to properly use the hot tub could result in the need for a pre-mature full drain/cleaning for which the property owner is charged $150.00. You will be responsible for paying the $150 fee if your failure to follow the instructions results in a premature drain/clean of the hot tub.


2. Guests should keep the water free of soap, perfumes/cologne, bubble bath, glitter, Epsom salt, lotions, aromatherapy bombs, hair products, bug spray, drinks, and the like as these cause excessive biofilm which adversely affects the filter, plumbing, and hottub walls. These additives are the reason a shower is required before entry.

3. Guests are responsible for their own safety; guests should refrain from using their phone in the hottub, carefully exit the hottub, and remember wet feet and surfaces are slippery. Guests should avoid using the hottub if intoxicated.

4. Guests should keep all maintenance items in the hottub as they were upon arrival – particularly biofilm sponge and the filter guard. For guests staying 4 days or more, extra bromine tablets and shock powder will be left for you to add mid-stay.

5. Guests should never sit or stand upon the hottub cover; a replacement fee will be required if damaged. Do your best to not tear the cover; the owner understands some tearing is present. To keep the water hot and debris, bugs, and critters at bay, the cover should be kept on the unit at all times – unless, of course, it is in use.


Because this is a mountainous area there is no trash pickup. This means that trash removal is your responsibility. If there are any trash bags left to dispose of when the housekeeper cleans the cabin the following trash removal fees will be charged to your booking:

As a guest you can dispose of your trash at the following trash/recycling centers:

Granny Squirrel Center (5.9 mi)
19030 US-19
Andrews, NC

Nantahala School Center (6.4 mi)
23584 Wayah Road
Topton, NC

Thank you for your cooperation.



  1. Linens will be cared for by cleaning service after check out.
  2. Please load any dirty dishes into the dishwasher and run it (no need to unload). **Dish detergent pods can be found under the kitchen sink.
  3. Make sure hot tub cover is on and seated well. Set temperature to 100.
  4. In summer, tum thermostat to cool 75. In winter, tum thermostat to heat 65.
  5. Remove any used k cup pods from the coffee maker.
  6. Remove your perishable food items from cupboard and fridge. Remove all personal items from the cabin.
  7. Make sure you dispose of all trash when you leave. A $75 Trash Fee will be charged if the housekeeper has to remove the trash from the cabin after your stay. (See the Trash & Recycling Policy above for directions about where to drop off your trash/recycling items.)
  8. Please sign our guest book.
  9. Lock both front and back doors, as well as all windows.
  10. Please depart by 10 am so we can prepare the house for our next set of guests.
  11. BE SURE TO RETURN HOUSE KEY TO LOCKBOX. Failure to return the key will result in a $50 key replacement fee. When replacing the key in the lock box, tilt the lock slightly so that the key will lay flat in the back of the lockbox to be able to close easier.

Have a safe journey home!



191 Franklin Branch Road, Topton, NC 28781

NOTE: Some GPS systems have trouble identifying "Franklin Branch" Road. Instead it may be identified as "Franklin Road". In either case, this is the road on which the cabin is located.


Nearby Grocery Stores

Ingles Market - 16 minutes
U.S. Highway 19, 129 Main St, Andrews, NC 28901

Nantahala Food Market - 16 minutes
12121 W Hwy 19, Bryson City, NC 28713

Ingles Market - 17 minutes
2 Sweetwater Rd, Robbinsville, NC 28771


In Andrews:

Burger Basket - 1679 Main Street
Monte Alban Mexican Restaurant - 498 Main Street
Santo Nino Mexican Restaurant - 144 Main street
The Happy Hawg BBQ- 1130 Main Street
Ronnie's (American) - 75 Wilson Street
Granieri's Italian Restaurant - 983 Main Street
Grandpa Charlie's Country Cookin - 358 Main Street
Kobe Grill (Japanese) - 114 Main Street

In Robbinsville:

Willow Tree Restaurant (American) - 302 Ford Street
The Hub (Barbeque) - 664 Rodney Orr Bypass
T Dubbs (Barbeque)  - 448 Rodney  Orr Bypass
Pop & Nana's Kitchen (American) - 52 Rodney Orr Bypass
El Pacifico (Mexican) - 429 Rodney Orr Bypass
Pappa's Pizza to Go - 211 Tapoco
Southern Gal's Cooking (American) - 400 Rodney Orr Bypass
Cafe de Olla Italian Restaurant - 810 Tallulah Road
Lynn's Place (American) - 237 East Main Street

In Bryson City:

High Test Deli (Sandwich) - 145 Everett Street
La Poblana (Mexican) - 1341  Main Street
Snak Shak (American) - 125 Evei:ett Street
Pasqualino's Italian Restaurant - 25 Everett Street
The Dining Room at the Fryemont Inn (American) - 245 Fryemont Street
Guayabitos Restaurant (Mexican) - 236 US - 19
Jimmy Mac's Restaurant (American) 121 Main Street
The Bistro at the Everett Hotel (American) - 16 Everett Street
Bar - B - Que Wagon (Barbeque) - 610 Main Street
Nabers Drive In (Hamburgers)- 1245 Main Street
Nate & Nicks Pizza - 225 Everett Street
Iron Wok (Chinese) 33 Rector Street
Everett Street Diner (American) 126 Everett Street
Anthony's Restaurant (Italian & American) 15 Depot Street
Bojangles (Cajun Fried Chicken) - 65 Veterans Boulevard
The Iron Skillet (American) - 165 Everett Street
Boxcar Cafe and Cones (American) - 26 Fry Street

In Murphy:

Julie's Place (Southern Style) - 30 NC - 141
Main Street USA (American) - 85 Hiwassee Street
Bistro 29 (American) - 29 Tennessee Street
Tommy's Kajun Kitchen (Seafood)- 877 US - 64
Haney's Restaurant (American) - 30 NC - 141
Rib Country BBQ (Barbeque) - 2121 East US - 64
ShoeBooties Cafe (American) 25 Peachtree
Royal Waffle King (Breakfast) - 780 US - 64
Perrone's Neighborhood Grill (Italian) - 269 Valley River Avenue
Downtown Pizza Co (Pizza) - 52 Hiwassee Street
Burger Boy (Burgers) - 649 Andrews Road
El Manzanillo Mexican Restaurant - 1370 West US - 64
Brother's (Southern) - 1466 Andrews Road
Monte Alban Restaurant (Mexican) - 865 US - 64
Sal's Brooklyn Pizza (Pizza) - 1140 US - 64
So's Good Kitchen (Asian) - 1221 Us- 64
Zaxby's Chicken (Chicken) - 826 US - 64

Breweries & Wineries

In Andrews:

Happy Trout Brewing Co - 911 Main Street
Andrews Brewing Co - 565 Aquone Road
Snowbird Mountains Brewery - 378 Locust Street
Calaboose Cellars - 565 Aquone Road
Fem Crest Winery - 1060 Main Street

In Bryson City:

Nantahala Brewing - 234 Deep Creek Road
Mountain Layers Brewing Co - 90 Everett Street
Nantahala Brewing's Taproom - 116 Ramseur Street
Deep Creek Winery- 405 Jonathon Walk

In Franklin:

Currahee Brewing Co - 100 Lakeside Drive
Lazy Hiker Brewing Co - 188 Main Street
Rock House Lodge - 35 East Main Street
In Murphy:

Valley River Brewery - 71 Tennessee Street
Parson's Pub - 19 Tennessee Street
Valley River Vineyards - 4689 Martins Creek Road
Nottely River Valley Vineyards, Llc - 1150 Culberson Road


In Andrews:

Dollar General - 546 Main Street
Ingles Market - 297 Main Street
Walgreens - 286 Main Street
Turner Discount Drug - 451 Main Street

In Robbinsville:

Dollar General - 18 Sweetwater Road
Ingles Market - 2 Sweetwater Road
Walgreens - 219 Rodney Orr Bypass

In Murphy:

Walmart - 2330 US-19

Shopping - Fishing

Bryant Bait & Tackle - 18154 Wayah Road, Topton
Andrews Fly Shop - 1087 Main Street, Andrews
Bryson City Fly Shop - 157 Everett Street, Bryson City
Great Smoky Mountain Bait and Tackle - 4470 US-19, Bryson City


Harrah's Cherokee Valley River Casino - 777 Casino Parkway, Murphy
Andrews Twin Cinema - 125 Main Street, Andrews
Nantahala Outdoor Center - 13077 W Hwy 19, Bryson City
Redbox Movie Rental - 129 Main Street, Andrews


CashPoints - 55 Locust Street, Andrews
CashPoints - 1090 Main Street, Andrews

Postal Service

USPS Location 1 - 23979 US-19, Topton
USPS Location 2 - 12 Chestnut Street, Andrews
USPS Location 3 - 74 Sweetwater Road, Robbinsville


Smoky Mountain Urgent Care - 224 Main Street, Andrews
Smoky Mountain Urgent Care - 80 Veterans Boulevard, Bryson City
Smoky Mountain Urgent Care - 21 South Main Street, Robbinsville
Swain Community Hospital - 45 Plateau Street, Bryson City