Information Packet for Lake Cliffe 303E


Lake Cliffe Condominiums
Unit #303E
112 East La Bonte Street
Dillon, Colorado 80435

Web address: 
Map of the area: 


Valerie Rogers, Manager: (720) 202-4432
Mark & Joan McVoy, Owners: (402) 850-7854 or (402) 850-7851
Emergency Lake Cliffe assistance: Perry Unruh (970) 485-1352 or Karl Jacobi (970) 485- 2767


CHECK-IN TIME IS AFTER 4 P.M. Mountain Standard Time. NO Early Check-ins.


Your reservation includes 2 parking spaces in the parking lot adjacent to the condo building. There are no assigned spaces. However YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR CAR/S if it is parked in the building’s lot. Any cars that are not registered are in danger of being ticketed or towed at the car owner's expense.

An email with the subject "Lake Cliffe 303E Parking Permit (Required) - TIME SENSITIVE" will be sent to you 1 day in advance of your arrival date. That email contains instructions and a link that will allow you to register your vehicle(s). THE REGISTRATION LINK WILL EXPIRE IN 48 HOURS so please be sure to register your vehicle(s) before it expires.

On days when it snows more than 4 inches the HOA requests that you move your cars from the parking lot before 10 a.m. so that it can be plowed.

Paid Overnight Parking: The Town of Dillon does not allow any on-street or Town Right-of-Way parking between the hours of 2:00 AM - 6:00 AM, year round. 

The Town lots began charging for overnight parking on December 5, 2022. Paid parking is required overnight in Town lots daily from 2AM - 6AM, effective December 5, 2022. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Interstate parking is administering the paid parking on behalf of the Town. Information and permits can be applied for at

Daily Overnight Rates 2AM - 6AM:
Monday - Thursday: $10
Friday - Sunday & Holidays: $20

Please note, rates are based on the day your vehicle is parked overnight. For example if you park Wednesday at 4PM and stay until Thursday at 4AM, the $10 rate is in effect.

Please comply with Town of Dillon parking regulations, including the rotating lot schedule:

Blue lots: Overnight parking on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights only.
Orange lots: Overnight parking on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights only.


There is a storage closet on the front porch across from the entry into the condo that is available to store skis, snowboards, poles and other sports equipment. PLEASE DO NOT BRING EQUIPMENT INTO THE CONDO! The combination for the lock is MILE. Please make sure the lock is fastened & locked on the closet door when you leave.


Our condo is located on the third floor of Building E.

Access Code: The door code for your stay will be sent via email to you 10 days in advance of your arrival. If you don't see that email in your INBOX please check your JUNK or SPAM folders.

Your access code is effective from 4 p.m. on the date of your arrival until 10:00 a.m. on the date of your departure. You’ll use this code each time you enter the condo. We recommend you share/text the code to all guests staying with you, and that you protect the code for your safety.

Lock Instructions: Enter the 4 digits of your code followed by the # sign. Pull the handle UP to open the door.

NOTE: The first time you enter your code (followed by the # sign) you may receive a blinking red light. This is because the lock was “asleep”. If this happens, wait a second or two and then enter the 4 digit code followed by the # sign again. The lock should blink green twice and emit two beeping sounds.



Please take a look around and notify us immediately if anything is not up to your expectations. We take great pride in providing quality accommodations for our guests and would appreciate the opportunity to amend anything that does not meet your approval.


Please note: There is no telephone provided in the unit. Please plan to use your cell phone while you are visiting.

Please be careful to remove all boots, ski boots, etc. inside the front door….please do not walk on the floors with wet boots/ski boots. Wet boots and shoes can be stored in the boot tray under the bench in hallway.

A coat rack is provided in the hall for you to use to hang up outerwear.



Network (SSID): lakecliffee303
Password: mjmmkjwc (case sensitive and no spaces)


TELEVISIONS: Please read carefully before turning on the televisions.

There are 3 HD TV’s in the Condo. Comcast Xfinity is the cable provider. They do have 24/7 customer support. 888-824-4010.

The bedroom TV’s are set up so that all you have to do is push the middle top button that says ALL POWER. This will turn the TV on and off. Use the channel and volume buttons to navigate the tv. Be sure to point the remote to the box/tv. There is a laminated channel guide by each television.

The family room Sony TV is a little different and has a different remote.

When you hit the red All On button the tv should automatically turn on. It does take a couple seconds so don't get impatient and start hitting other buttons on the remote. You should see the Xfinity cable box light up with 3 lights and the light under the Sony name on the front of the TV light up.

The televisions are new to us as well. We have noticed that if the cable box is unplugged or condo loses power or cable goes out that the Sony TV reverts back to another screen looking for input. If that does happen use the Sony remote and push the input button so you see that it is on HDMI 1.

The smart TVs are equipped with some streaming apps. Some of these apps are paid services (such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video). To use a paid service you must have an account with the service provider. DO NOT FORGET TO LOG OUT OF YOUR PAID ACCOUNTS! We cannot be held responsible if you fail to do so and your accounts are used by others.


Our housekeeping company does not clean the balcony nor the grill on the balcony. Therefore we must ask our guests to PLEASE help us out by tidying up the balcony before you leave. If you've used the grill please make sure the grill & tools are cleaned and ready for the next guest; don't leave a dirty grill! Please also wipe off the patio tables and furniture to make sure it is ready for the next guests. If everyone cooperates then we can be sure that all of our guests are able to enjoy the outside space when they arrive. THANK YOU for your help!


There is a new gas fireplace in the condo. There is a remote to turn it on and off. There are 3 settings on the fireplace remote: ‘ON', 'THERMO OFF', ‘OFF'. The remote needs to be left in the ‘OFF' setting when turning off the fireplace.

NEVER leave the condo with the fireplace on. On the deck you will see the vent from the fireplace. It is located up high and out of reach of small children in case it would get warm/hot.


Guests are not permitted to bring pets into our unit. Additionally, the Building has a “No Smoking” rule inside any unit (including the balcony/deck). If extra cleaning is necessary to remove pet stains and/or clean carpets/upholstery to remove cigarette smoke after your departure, the cost of that cleaning will be deducted from your damage deposit. Thanks very much for your cooperation.


You will find our condo is very well equipped! We tried to anticipate your every need. The following amenities are provided for your convenience:








Check-out time is 10 A.M. Mountain Time. NO Late Check-Outs without prior permission. (Be careful because your door access code will expire and you will not be able to get back into the unit after it does.)

  1. Clubhouse key: Please be sure to return the lanyard/key to the bulletin board by the front door before you check out. A $40 “Lost key” fee will be charged to you if the key is not found by the housekeeper after your visit.
  2. Trash: Empty trash from kitchen and both bathrooms before leaving. Dumpster is located at end of parking lot to the right .
  3. Thermostats: Set them all to 62 degrees.
  4. Dishwasher: Please load and run dishwasher.
  5. Towels: Leave towels near the washer in the basket.
  6. Deck: If you removed the covers on the furniture- please put them back on. Please also wipe off the patio tables so they are cleaned & ready for the next guest.
  7. BBQ grill: If you used the BBQ grill please clean it off with the grill brush and wash the grilling tools. Re-hang the tools on the grill and replace the cover. 
  8. Blinds: Close all windows and lower all blinds.
  9. Refrigerator: Please clean out the refrigerator and dispose of any leftover food. You may leave pantry items, condiments, etc. to share with subsequent guests as long as they have not reached their expiration date.
  10. Please check all drawers in the bedrooms, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets for personal belongings.
  11. There is no need to reset the combination or lock the door when you leave. The combination will expire at check-out time (10:00am) and the door will automatically lock when you close the door. Please have all your personal belongings outside before check-out time to avoid problems. You’ll be locked out at 10:01am.
  12. If you’ve used the key from the lockbox, please return it to the lockbox. 



Drink Plenty of Water to stay hydrated!! This is the best way to avoid altitude sickness. (See more “Altitude Information” in the condo information book.)

SWIMMING POOL & HOT TUBS: located in Clubhouse (the center building straight out front door). There is a lanyard with an electronic key card that opens the door of the Cubhouse . The lanyard with the key is hanging on the bulletin board found right inside the condo front door. PLEASE BE SURE TO RETURN THE LANYARD/KEY TO THE BULLETIN BOARD BY THE FRONT DOOR BEFORE YOU CHECK OUT. A $40 “Lost key” fee will be charged to you if the key is not found by the housekeeper after your visit.

Free Bus Rides: comes at the :01 and :31 on the hour. The bus to Silverthorne comes at the :41 and :11 on the hour. You can text ETA72 or 970-296-8111 for next bus arrival time. No bikes are allowed on the bus after sunset.

Bikes: Bikes can be stored under the stairway on the bottom floor. Use a lock.

Free local newspaper: Summit Daily News is located at a stand in front of the Arapahoe Café - across the street from our condo.


High Country Health-Care in Silverthorne (970) 468-1003
St. Anthony Summit Medical Center, 24 hr. Hospital,
340 Peak One Drive, Frisco,
(970) 668-3300

Thanks so much for staying at our Lake Cliffe condo. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoy staying there. We’d love to have you visit again in the future. If you have any suggestions on how to make the condo better please let us know!


Denver International Airport (DIA) is about 91 miles from the location of our building in Summit County.

Directions from Denver:

NOTE: If you need to stop at the grocery store before you arrive at the condo, there is a “City Market” located at 300 Dillon Ridge Rd, Dillon, CO 80435. After exiting I-70 & turning left onto Blue River Parkway and turn left onto Dillon Ridge Rd (about 0.4 miles). The City Market is on the left.

Interstate 70 Toll Lane
The Colorado Department of Transportation has completed a 10-mile express toll lane that stretches from Empire to Floyd Hill to help reduce congestion along the Interstate 70 mountain corridor. The express lane guarantees speeds of at least 45 miles per hour from Empire to Floyd Hill, one of the busiest stretches of the I-70 mountain corridor. Tolls vary from $3 to $30, depending on demand.




Arapahoe Cafe is across the street. Great for all meals. Downstairs in the Cafe is the Pub Down Under.
Wednesday and Sunday’s $6 Burger Night, Thursday is Rib Night. There are specials everyday of the week.

Profusion Cafe: across La Bonte upstairs

Pug Ryan’s: Brewpub up Lake Dillon Dam Road.

During the summer the marina has the Tiki Bar open and serves food.

A list of Summit County Best of 2016 lists many restaurants in the area. Have fun exploring them all. We left a copy for you in the instruction book.

Be sure to grab a copy of the Summit County News to tell you about all the activities and specials in the area during your stay.


City Market is one of the best grocery stores in the county. 300 Dillon Range Road. Very close to the condo. You probably saw it when you drove in to Dillon.

Silverthorne has a Target and there is a Whole Foods and Safeway in Frisco.


Dillon Amphitheater: Free Summer concerts on Friday and Saturday nights. Community church services on Sunday AM.

Dillon Marina: Pontoon boats, sailboat, motor boat, kayak and canoe rentals.

Frisco Marina: rent the above

Farmers Market: Friday mornings in Dillon Summer and Fall. Within walking distance - 3 blocks up on Buffalo and Main St. The best Farmers Market in the county.

Hiking in the National Forest: White River Ranger Station located 680 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne, CO 80498 (970) 468-5400.
Hot Springs: Glenwood Springs Hot Springs, Hot Sulfur Springs, Cottonwood Hot Springs, Mount Princeton Hot Springs.

Movie Theater: Next to the City Market you can find times of movie showings in the Summit Newspaper.

Bowling Alley: recently renovated - located on Main St. in Dillon.

Outlet Mall Shopping: Right at the I-70 intersection.